Swing Dance Lessons

Swing Dance Lessons – New York City

Want to learn how to join in on the fun and learn how to swing dance?

This page includes dance teachers and dance studios in NYC.  If a teacher teaches at a studio, I am not listing them separately, due to limited time resources. Come take a lesson so you can go swing dancing.

I have not taken classes from all of these instructors, so please do not consider this list to be an endorsement.

Independent Swing Instructors

Joe Palmer
Michael Jagger and Evita Arce
Nathan Bugh and Gaby Cook
Margaret Batiuchok
Jennifer Sowden
Samantha and Brian Lawton
Bobby White
Roddy Caravella

Dance Studios

Blues Dance New York
Brooklyn Swings
Frim Fram
Harlem Swing Dance Lessons
Long Island Swing Syndicate
Steps NYC
Swing Dance Astoria
You Should Be Dancing

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