This Week in Swing – June 3, 2020



Keenan McKenzie Music – Cincinnati 



Times are tough for our friends who are musicians, dance teachers, studio owners, event promoters.  Here are ways you can help support them, if you are able:

Keep scrolling for what’s happening online…. This Week in Swing NYC.

Regular weekly NYC Swing Dancing events not included in the calendar below:

    • Mon:  Practice with Bobby White
    • Mon:  2020’s Charleston with Nikki & Mikey : Atomic’s Live Stream
    • Mon:  Free 20’s Charleston Class with Yuval & Juls
    • Tues: Solo Jazz for Beginners with Akemi; Donation Based – 7pm
    • Tues:  Swing/Lindy Charleston with Elena Iannucci; Donation Based
    • Tues/Thurs: JitterBlast with Nick Williams; Donation Based – 8pm
    • Tues/Thurs/Sun: Solo Jazz with Stina; Donation Based – 7pm
    • Thurs: Line Dances with Elena Iannucci; Donation Based – 8pm
    • Fri: Solo Dance with Margaret – 1pm; Donation, email for zoom link:
    • Fri: Creative Balboa with Yurina Shin – 6pm
    • Fri:  Brooklyn Swings, 7pm  Virtual DJ set / lesson
    • Fri: Blues Dance New York, 8pm Virtual DJ set / lessonSun: Champian Fulton-Live from Lockdown-5pm


      Saturday, June 6 – ONLINE EVENT

      Quarantine Speak-LOUDLY: Solidarity Concert
      ** To attend, register anytime (it’s free & easy) –>
      Please join us for a special edition of our weekly All-Star variety show… a solidarity concert to support our black friends, colleagues, and family. This Saturday we’ll use this live stream as a platform to help promote change, educate, and address these issues especially within the social dance and jazz communities. All donations will go to performers and impactful organizations.
      5:45-7:45pm (all times EST):
      * hosted by DANDY WELLINGTON
      * music by QUEEN ESTHER
      * music by CHARLES TURNER
      * music by N’KENGE (Motown)
      * dance by DELYSIA LACHATTE
      * tap dancer DEWITT FLEMING Jr. (Boardwalk Empire) and singer JENNIE HARNEY-FLEMMING (Hamilton)
      * talk by ODYSSEUS BAILER on Cultural Appropriation in Blues, Jazz and social dance.
      * more performers to be added
      * $5 min suggested donation
      * All donations will be split amongst performers and go to impactful organizations like the ACLU and BLM.
      * PayPal to “” or
      * or pay by Venmo to “@Patrick-Soluri” or by Zelle to “”
      * No money will go to Prohibition Productions (except to cover zoom expenses)
      * Dj & “doors” at 5:45pm EST // show starts 6:00pm EST
      * Schedule to be posted below & on registration page (subject to change)
      * streamed live as a “Webinar” so you’ll only see video of performers (not video of yourself like a regular zoom meeting).
      Our goal during this unprecedented time is to help bring people together every week from all over the world who share common interests; and help musicians & performers who lost their gigs and performance opportunities.

      Sunday, June 7 – ONLINE EVENT

      Coronavirus Ask Me Anything with Dorry and Friends
      A general discussion about coronavirus with some emphasis on the dance and music communities hosted by Dorry Sergev from Charm City Swing Hosted on Facebook

      Thursday, June 11 – ONLINE EVENT

      DJ Roundtable/AMA Part 2!
      We’re back to continue the AMA on DJing for Swing Dancers, and this time Ryan Swift (Head DJ for Lindy Focus, ILHC) will be joined by fellow DJ Shana Worel (Head DJ for Camp Hollywood, CalBal Classic)! Once again, we look forward to hearing from ALL DJs – aspiring, veterans, and everyone in between. Join us for another #VirtualFrimFram held via Zoom!
      Part 2 of the DJ AMA will focus on some organizational topics we did not get to in Part 1:
      * What makes a good Head DJ? What makes a good staff DJ?
      * What are the things you consider when you’re building a DJ team for a large event that you are Head DJ for?
      * What are the things you consider when you’re looking for a DJ at a local event like Fram Fram?
      * How are large events different from local weekly events?
      * How do you prep for competitions?
      * What kind of guidelines do you get from event organizers?
      * How you approach DJing for different contests such as Draws vs Solo Jazz?
      * Questions that were asked in Part 1 but we didn’t get answer, and new questions! Leave a comment here in the event with your questions.
      * Again, consider this “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About DJing* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)!”
      Event link

      Saturday, June 13 – ONLINE EVENT

      The Salon – Quarantine Speakeasy
      Details to be announced during the week. Come back for details

      Saturday, June 13 – ONLINE EVENT

      Nick & Sylvia’s Balboa Workshop – Ep 5 – Balboa Shuffles Back
      Join Nick Williams and Sylvia Sykes for a 2 hour Balboa Workshop. Where: Facebook Live (streamed live on Nick’s wall and this event) NO PARTNER NEEDED 3-5pm Donations are appreciated: Venmo: @swingnick PayPal:

      Saturday, June 13 & Sunday, June 14- ONLINE EVENT

      The More You Know
      Overcoming our Fears About Including and Respectfully Discussing African American Cultural History and Social Context in your Dance Class.
      *Do you inform your students that blues and swing dance and music started in African American Communities in the U.S.A?
      *Do you try to respectfully represent or reflect African American Cultural values in your classes?
      *Do you wish you could include more history and social context but have trouble finding and/or acquiring information in your search? Not knowing what to say or how to say it respectfully?
      Class Description:
      I will be giving a guided course discussion on how we can respectfully include and talk about African American Cultural History and Social Context throughout our dance classes. I will be sharing the practices and tools that I have implored in my own journey that has improved my own teaching and dancing style.
      In this class you are going to learn and walk away with understanding:
      **Our role and importance as instructors to set a positive, respectful and appreciative tone and perception to your students and dance scene.
      **Our personal concerns and hang-ups in trying to include and find more opportunities to talk about history and social context in your classes.
      **The cultural values and how that influence the people, the music and the dance.
      **How the tools that you will acquired today will make you a better teacher over time because you will be able to include and talk about African American Cultural History and Social Context in your dance class.
      Safe Space & Disclaimers
      —This is first and foremost a safe space. Insulting, demeaning or shaming any of the participants or the moderator will not be tolerated. If said individual is conducting themselves in an unbecoming way, then the host(s) has every right to politely and respectfully ask you to leave the workshop.
      —Due to COVID-19, we are all dealing and living in these new and strange times. Your Mental, Physical and Emotional health and well-being should always come first. Even though I encourage every instructor to participate in this virtual class, only do so if you are in a positive position mentally, emotionally and physically.
      —We will be dealing & talking about some subject matters that might be uncomfortable and challenging for you to acknowledge and hear.
      —This teacher training workshop is in no way implying, suggesting or insinuating that anyone’s teaching practices is wrong or not at a high level. This is an opportunity to learn and grow as instructors.
      —This workshop is to give and provide confidence in all of us to be better instructors. To be mindful of how we are teaching blues and swing dancing and the music associated with it.
      Cost:$30 USD
      (The original price of this class was going to be $100 USD, but due to the current state leading to the potential economic hardships, I am going to be offering a sliding scale price range starting at $30 USD. Whatever you can contribute is greatly appreciated.)
      Saturday – June 13th 8p – 11p (Eastern Time)
      Sunday – June 14th 7p – 10p (Eastern Time)
      (There will be dancing breaks throughout class)
      The Saturday and Sunday Classes are the same, so please attend one or the other. There is also no limit to the number of attendees for each workshop. **This is a two day class for instructors of all levels and skill sets.**
      Saturday June 13th – Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 218 999 3605
      Password: 625294
      Sunday June 14th – Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 218 999 3605
      Password: 625294

      Sunday, June 14 – ONLINE EVENT

      Virtual Bal: Valerie and Bobby Special
      Valerie Salstrom and Bobby White have given so so much to the Balboa Community over the years…. more than just their inspiring dancing of course! Valerie founded the very first Balboa only event, All Bal Weekend and Bobby is the King of getting the most out of your practice sessions, don’t believe me? Check out his book, “Practice Swing”.
      Put this event on your calendar as it is NOT to MISS.
      All proceeds go directly to Valerie & Bobby, your support is greatly appreciated!
      FB invite

      Sunday, June 14 – ONLINE EVENT

      Coronavirus Ask Me Anything
      A general discussion about coronavirus with some emphasis on the dance and music communities hosted by Dorry Sergev from Charm City Swing Hosted on Facebook


Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs

Valerie Salstrom runs the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs. A fabulous program supporting the kids in Cleveland who learn how to dance. They are trying to get to events this summer to increase their exposure to dance. If you’re able, take a read through Valerie’s note below and support if you can. Thanks, Eileen
From Valerie Salstrom Hello Friends, This is an ask. I hate asking for money. It doesn’t feel good to ask for money. You feel like “less” when you hold out your hand for money. But, I have to do this for the kids. Ugh, my stomach hurts. I put on a good face that this is great, everything is great. This is actually really difficult for me. Ok, Here we go. Think of the kids, think of the kids. I wish the arts were valued. I wish swing dancing and it’s African American history was valued. I wish more people realized what being involved in a swing dance program means to children and their families. In the next few months some of the members of the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs will be making their way to events around the country to take classes, social dance, perform, compete, hang out with other youth who are involved in the dance scene, meet some of their swing dance heroes, and hear stories about the great ones who have passed. We also have three jitterbug relatives traveling with us as chaperones. (We have lots of little bugs whose ages are in the single digits and we need the extra help.) These efforts require a pretty hefty chunk of change and we are hoping you can help us finish raising the money we need. Our goal is to raise at least $7500 and we have already raised slightly under $3000. If you would like to donate and have your donation be tax deductible, the Frankie Manning Foundation has kindly agreed to have your donations go through them. You will need to designate your dollars go to the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs, the Cleveland Kids, the Cleveland Youth Program, or something similar. You may further specify that your funds go for travel only, food only, travel to a particular event, accommodations at a particular event, costumes, food and beverages while training in Cleveland, etc. What your donations will NOT cover are studio space rental in Cleveland, training fees while in Cleveland, event passes, or transportation or meals for chaperones. The Brooklyn Branch of the Cleveland Public Library has been letting us use their community room for practice sessions for free. I donate my coaching, choreography, and transportation services for the youth during their summers in Cleveland. Uptown Swingout, the International Lindy Hop Championships, and Camp Hollywood have all donated passes for our Cleveland group. Some of these events also provide food and accommodations for our youth participants. Here is a break down of what is happening – Alexis and Cyle are going to Uptown Swingout in Minneapolis. MN. August 11-13. Uptown Swingout Alexis, Cyle, Jermaine, Jonathan, Mario, Mariana, Gabi, and Aniyah are going to the International Lindy Hop Championships near Washington, DC. August 24-27. ILHC Alexis, Cyle, Jermaine, Mario, Mariana, and Gabi are going to Camp Hollywood/National Jitterbug Championships in Los Angeles, CA. September 1-4. Think of everything they will need. Flights to Minneapolis. Rental of a 15 passenger van to get to DC. Tolls, gas, and food on the way to and from DC. Flights to LA. Hotel rooms in LA. Meals in LA. Costumes. Shoes. In case you didn’t know, a 9 year old is practically capable of eating their own weight in food each day. The bills for food are enormous for this group. Wanna sponsor a pizza party or two? Can we get a poolside picnic organized at Camp Hollywood? Please email,, or message me here on Facebook for more details on our budget and/or information on how to donate to the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs through The Frankie Manning Foundation via paypal or check. There are a few things you should know that can help you decide if a check or paypal is better. We can also let you know how to avoid extra fees through paypal. Frankie Manning Foundation I would also like to thank Beantown Lindy Hop Camp for continually supporting the Frankie Manning Ambassadors at their camp. Alexis and Cyle have loved every minute of their time spent with you all. Beantown


After starting on Blogspot in 2008 and moving to WordPress, This Week in Swing, has a new home!

I hope everyone finds this to be an improvement to finding out where to dance, where to take dance lessons or where to go out and just listen (yes we can just go listen) in our love of all things swing!

Major shout out to Mandi Gould for helping make this happen.

Please check it out, watch a couple of videos and check back often as we continue to do updates.



A LINDY MEMORY: Central Park Flash Mob

If you haven’t seen this video before, please check it out. This blog is followed around the world, so please share within your local lindy scene. This post is in tribute to a dear friend who conceived and co-choreographed/directed this flash mob and introduced me to the Lindy Hop. If you can, please click through and watch it on YouTube, I’d like to see the view counter rise.