This Week in Swing NYC during Covid-19

NYC Swing Dancers, Musicians, Organizers… 

As you well know, these are strange times.  I’ve pretty much broken all of my rules on what I post/don’t post, in an effort to help support our musicians and dance instructors.

What I’d really like do is hear from you.  Is there anything that would be useful for me to include?  Is there anything you wish I wouldn’t?  I’d like to hear from followers of this blog to see how I can best serve the community.  My only firm conclusion is that if there are instructors or musicians from outside of New York, I need to know them and feel comfortable vouching for their instruction and/or musicianship.  I’m also limited to evenings when I can update, as a lot of online postings are happening at the last minute and I’m not hearing directly from many instructors.

Please let me know your thoughts…

5 thoughts on “This Week in Swing NYC during Covid-19

  1. Applause for your effort to support musicians and others in the dance community whose income has been adversely affected by the pandemic. Sad that summer events are cancelled, but the need to adapt is not all that bad a thing. I promise myself to listen and solo dance to music from the American Songbook on new

    1. Thanks, I’m sad that so many events have been cancelled and worried about our friends who are dance instructors and musicians. I’ve never been that comfortable with solo dancing, so kudos to you for keeping it up. Stay safe!

  2. i think you should be commended for your work, Eileen, and for your longtime work before this situation (and that of your volunteers.)

    i may not represent the views of many, but i’m hoping for in person non-solo classes a.s.a.p. & of course i’m also hoping that it won’t be illegal (obviously.)

    given the climate right now, unfortunately making the following statement will seem political, but i think we should all listen to lots of *experts that don’t agree with each other* and make up our own minds. we need less groupthink now than ever before.

    1. Thank you for your note, I appreciate it. For a while now, TWIS has been a solo effort.

      In the NY area, I suspect you’ll find private lessons come back before you’ll find group classes come back. Obviously, I don’t have a crystal ball, but there’s a cost of running classes and if you don’t have a large number of people who feel you can come back safely (including the instructor and/or studio), it’s going to take time.

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