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News from our dance community:

If you didn’t see the news, Hilary Alexander had to cancel Camp Hollywood this year due to the recent COVID developments. The non-refundable costs from this are substantial (five figures) and that comes out of her pocket — CH is her livelihood.

She went out on a limb to put on an event that many of us would have delighted in had the pandemic not taken a turn for the worse. If you’ve attended CH, planned on attending CH, thought about attending CH, enjoyed videos from CH, or just have it in your heart and wallet to help out someone who’s kept a big event going for the community for almost a quarter century, please donate.

Even if you can’t donate, please reshare this in your communities; let’s make sure that Hilary and CH land on their feet.

Eileen’s note:  While I normally don’t post gofundme links, this seems like a good time to help support a member of our community.  If you can help, please do so here.

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    1. Thanks. I had a header listed as on hiatus due to covid, but with your post I realized it’s time to take those listings down and see what comes back.

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