This Week in Swing – April 2021



Gabe Terracciano Trio – Everybody Loves my Baby


Times are tough for our friends who are musicians, dance teachers, studio owners, event promoters.  Here are ways you can help support them, if you are able:

Regular weekly NYC Swing Dance Classes not included in the calendar below (outdoor events are subject to weather and change):

Regular weekly NYC Swing Dance Performances not included in the calendar below (outdoor events are subject to weather and change):

  • Sat/Sun: Anderson twins play in Riverside park at W. 106 St. 3-5pm (subject to weather)

Regular outdoor performances, often announced after I publish, check them out.  

Eileen’s note:  (Please observe social distancing and tip the bands!)

Regular weekly NYC Online Swing Dances / Concerts (please tip the bands!):


Saturday, April 10 

David Ostwald’s Eternity Jazz Band
Riverside Park at West 84th Street Saturday noon – 2pm for joyous dancing!

Saturday, April 10 

$1.25 Quartet
Join us in Washington Square this Saturday, 4/10, weather permiting. Downbeat is at 11 for two sets for dancing and listening. We’ll be on the west side of the park, unless someone beats us to it – then look for us on the east side.
11:00am – 1:30pm
Washington Square Park

Saturday, April 10 

Impromptu Swing
 7:30PM – 9PM
We will meet for 90 minutes at the front entrance of the Museum of Natural History on Central Park West overlooking the park

There is a large open air space with plenty of room for dancing on smooth stone. We have procured a large bluetooth speaker

We hope dancing couples and solo dancers will venture out to dance near us.
If you’d like to join us, this is what we ask of you:

•You will bring your own person to dance with; no switching partners*

•Please observe social distancing**

•You will wear a mask
This is an impromptu event, not connected with anyone. We are trying to make responsible baby steps back to an activity that we love. We hope that people make responsible decisions in who they choose to be near, and we are not trying to create a situation that would put anyone in danger.

*Your dance partner should be a person (s) you live with or someone you socialize with inside your home (or pod)
someone you are ALREADY in close contact with (or have vetted). 
** We assume that anyone coming to join us is observing local quarantine guidelines.

*** even though vaccinations have rolled out, the spread of this virus is real.


Saturday, April 17
THE SALON: Quarantine Speakeasy 6:45pm – 9:00pm
* pre-show: DJ BRIAND FERDMAN – at 6:45pm
* intro by PATRICK SOLURI of Prohibition Productions – at 7:00pm
* music by TBA – at 7:05pm
* music by DANNY LIPSITZ & BRASS TACKS – at 7:35pm
* cocktails by ERYNN REECE at 8:05
* David Ostwald’s LOUIS ARMSTRONG ETERNITY BAND – at 8:15
* outro by PATRICK SOLURI – c.8:45pm
* afterparty w/DJ BRIAND FERDMAN c.8:50pm; anyone on Zoom can join on video & dance!
* register on Zoom anytime (it’s free & easy) by clicking “Join Event” button on this page or go to
* NOTE: this episode will not live stream on Facebook, only Zoom
* full show will be posted on our Youtube & Facebook pages 24-36hrs after livestream (fully remastered in HD 1080p w/48k audio) – go to
* donate anytime for this episode/cast April 12th-25th
* $5-10 min. suggested donation (split amongst all performers)
* PayPal direct link or to “” & avoid fees w. ‘friends & family’
* Venmo to “@ProhibitionProd” (biz account) or Zelle to “”
* Dj & “doors” at 6:45pm EST // show starts 7:00pm EST
* Schedule posted on registration & Facebook (subject to change)
* streamed live as a “Webinar” so you’ll only see video of performers (not video of yourself like a regular zoom meeting).
Our goal during this unprecedented time is to help bring people together from all over the world who share common interests; and provide musicians & performers the opportunity to share their craft with like minded people passionate about music & dance. The QUARANTINE SPEAKEASY now live streams every other Saturday from NYC averaging hundreds of views from over a dozen countries and half the US states.

Saturday, April 24 

Al & Leon Shim Sham Workshop with Michael Jagger | Syncopated City
Al Minns and Leon James were two prominent Jazz and Lindy Hop dancers from Harlem. And while they might be best known as dancers in the famous Lindy Hop performance troupe, Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, they were also amazing solo dancers, with several great routines in their canon.
Michael Jagger will be teaching Al & Leon’s unique version of the Shim Sham, which can be seen in Mura Dehn’s documentary, The Spirit Moves. This routine makes reference, in moments, to the classic version of the Shim Sham, but there will be plenty of fun variations and new steps to excite even the most seasoned of dancers.
All levels are welcome, but we do recommend that you familiarize yourself with the classic Shim Sham prior to attending this workshop.
Price: $25
To join, go to (link also in the details). Registering for the workshop will also give you one month of Membership to our site, allowing you to see recaps and break down videos plus full access to our entire catalogue of Swing Dance lessons (which includes the classic Lindy Shim Sham)!


After starting on Blogspot in 2008 and moving to WordPress, This Week in Swing, has a new home! I hope everyone finds this to be an improvement to finding out where to dance, where to take dance lessons or where to go out and just listen (yes we can just go listen) in our love of all things swing! Major shout out to Mandi Gould for helping make this happen. Please check it out, watch a couple of videos and check back often as we continue to do updates.