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THE HOT TODDIES JAZZ BAND: Glory of Love – feat. Hannah Gill



Times are tough for our friends who are musicians, dance teachers, studio owners, event promoters.  Here are ways you can help support them, if you are able:

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Regular weekly NYC Swing Dancing events not included in the calendar below:


Wednesday, August 5

Streaming Porch Concert #16: Live from Moorestown, NJ!

Come join us on the porch of my long-time pal and collaborator, New Jersey drummer Jim Lawlor, as Liz and I take the “porch concert series” on the road.
This week, I will team up with some of my old friends from the Philadelphia area, streaming live from Moorestown, NJ. The impeccable guitar master Pat Mercuri will join Jim and me, along with the melodically creative Dan Tobias on trumpet, cornet & flugelhorn. We all performed together frequently while Liz & I were living in Philly, and what a treat it will be to be musically reunited with these virtuosic gentlemen once again.
PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT START TIME! We’ll begin an hour earlier than usual (at. 6pm CDT, 7pm EDT) so that we can play during daylight hours on the east coast. We will play for an hour or so fo your listening pleasure. You will find the live stream on my personal FB page for “Ed Wise,”
As always, contributions to the virtual “tip jar” are encouraged, if you are able. Tips will be shared among the musicians.
Virtual “Tip Jar”
PayPal = Liz Einsig Wise,
Venmo = @edwisemusician

Friday, August 7

Impromptu Socially Distant Swing Dance

One hour outdoor swing dance hosted by Spencer Weisbond with DJ Tomo Tanaka

West 77th St. entrance (outdoor cul-de-sac area) to the Museum of Natural History (77th St. between Columbus Ave & Central Park West).
Chalked social distance circles will indicate where couples can dance 6 feet apart with no partner switching.


Masks Required

Rain date: Saturday, August 8th, 7:00pm-8:30pm

  • No restrooms
  • Not endorsed or hosted by the Museum of Natural History

Saturday, August 8

Great Jazz on The Great Hill at Home

While we’re unable to gather in person this year, you can still join us for a summertime favorite from home! Turn up the volume, move the furniture, put on your dancing shoes, and enjoy our lineup of stellar musicians.Performances By:Alyson Williams>Alyson Williams takes the music world by storm! Starting in R&B as a featured artist with Def Jam Records, she is now a prominent jazz and blues vocalist performing in clubs and stages across the country. Her newest project is Summer Nights in Harlem, and her tribute concert to Phyliss Hyman is in collaboration with Nat Adderley, Jr. –
Jeremy PeltPreeminent trumpeter Jeremy Pelt made his debut in the jazz world as a member of the Mingus Big Band and the Jimmy Heath Orchestra. Now a bandleader, he has recorded 10 albums and tours nationally and internationally. He has been featured in DownBeat magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Gee Swing Band
The George Gee Swing Band attracts both millennials and long-time fans of jazz and swing. Gee and his band are leaders in the re-emergence of swing dance as a popular cultural experience, not only in New York but around the world.
In partnership with Jazz Mobile event invite

Sunday, August 9

Outdoor Swing & Solo Class

This Sunday Aug 9th at 10:30AM we will have a two-part class. First, Jaime Shannon will teach a 30 minute beginner level solo jazz class.
Jaime will lead a basic warm up, and then a short routine. No experience, or talent required.
Second class to follow.
Spencer Weisbond will teach 45 minute Advanced beginner swing/Lindy Hop. Level 2/3
Brush up your basic swing, and push it to the next level with basic Lindy hop 8 count patterns and styling.
Beginner friendly! (Some experience helpful)

Location: The Museum Of Natural History entrance @ 77th St.
Directions: 77th Street between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West.
This is a donation based class
Suggested $10-20 for both.
Stone tile floor
20 person maximum
Spencer 212-873-5286

Saturday, August 15

Quarantine Speakeasy – Details to be Announced

Saturday, August 29

Quarantine Speakeasy – Details to be Announced

Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs

Valerie Salstrom runs the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs. A fabulous program supporting the kids in Cleveland who learn how to dance. They are trying to get to events this summer to increase their exposure to dance. If you’re able, take a read through Valerie’s note below and support if you can. Thanks, Eileen
From Valerie Salstrom Hello Friends, This is an ask. I hate asking for money. It doesn’t feel good to ask for money. You feel like “less” when you hold out your hand for money. But, I have to do this for the kids. Ugh, my stomach hurts. I put on a good face that this is great, everything is great. This is actually really difficult for me. Ok, Here we go. Think of the kids, think of the kids. I wish the arts were valued. I wish swing dancing and it’s African American history was valued. I wish more people realized what being involved in a swing dance program means to children and their families. In the next few months some of the members of the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs will be making their way to events around the country to take classes, social dance, perform, compete, hang out with other youth who are involved in the dance scene, meet some of their swing dance heroes, and hear stories about the great ones who have passed. We also have three jitterbug relatives traveling with us as chaperones. (We have lots of little bugs whose ages are in the single digits and we need the extra help.) These efforts require a pretty hefty chunk of change and we are hoping you can help us finish raising the money we need. Our goal is to raise at least $7500 and we have already raised slightly under $3000. If you would like to donate and have your donation be tax deductible, the Frankie Manning Foundation has kindly agreed to have your donations go through them. You will need to designate your dollars go to the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs, the Cleveland Kids, the Cleveland Youth Program, or something similar. You may further specify that your funds go for travel only, food only, travel to a particular event, accommodations at a particular event, costumes, food and beverages while training in Cleveland, etc. What your donations will NOT cover are studio space rental in Cleveland, training fees while in Cleveland, event passes, or transportation or meals for chaperones. The Brooklyn Branch of the Cleveland Public Library has been letting us use their community room for practice sessions for free. I donate my coaching, choreography, and transportation services for the youth during their summers in Cleveland. Uptown Swingout, the International Lindy Hop Championships, and Camp Hollywood have all donated passes for our Cleveland group. Some of these events also provide food and accommodations for our youth participants. Here is a break down of what is happening – Alexis and Cyle are going to Uptown Swingout in Minneapolis. MN. August 11-13. Uptown Swingout Alexis, Cyle, Jermaine, Jonathan, Mario, Mariana, Gabi, and Aniyah are going to the International Lindy Hop Championships near Washington, DC. August 24-27. ILHC Alexis, Cyle, Jermaine, Mario, Mariana, and Gabi are going to Camp Hollywood/National Jitterbug Championships in Los Angeles, CA. September 1-4. Think of everything they will need. Flights to Minneapolis. Rental of a 15 passenger van to get to DC. Tolls, gas, and food on the way to and from DC. Flights to LA. Hotel rooms in LA. Meals in LA. Costumes. Shoes. In case you didn’t know, a 9 year old is practically capable of eating their own weight in food each day. The bills for food are enormous for this group. Wanna sponsor a pizza party or two? Can we get a poolside picnic organized at Camp Hollywood? Please email,, or message me here on Facebook for more details on our budget and/or information on how to donate to the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs through The Frankie Manning Foundation via paypal or check. There are a few things you should know that can help you decide if a check or paypal is better. We can also let you know how to avoid extra fees through paypal. Frankie Manning Foundation I would also like to thank Beantown Lindy Hop Camp for continually supporting the Frankie Manning Ambassadors at their camp. Alexis and Cyle have loved every minute of their time spent with you all. Beantown


After starting on Blogspot in 2008 and moving to WordPress, This Week in Swing, has a new home!

I hope everyone finds this to be an improvement to finding out where to dance, where to take dance lessons or where to go out and just listen (yes we can just go listen) in our love of all things swing!

Major shout out to Mandi Gould for helping make this happen.

Please check it out, watch a couple of videos and check back often as we continue to do updates.



A LINDY MEMORY: Central Park Flash Mob

If you haven’t seen this video before, please check it out. This blog is followed around the world, so please share within your local lindy scene. This post is in tribute to a dear friend who conceived and co-choreographed/directed this flash mob and introduced me to the Lindy Hop. If you can, please click through and watch it on YouTube, I’d like to see the view counter rise.